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Designing an on-demand sushi delivery service

UX Design
Art Direction

The first sushi-based digital kitchen in NY

Zoku Sushi was early to the trend of digital kitchens, and needed an e-commerce experience that paralleled best-in-class food delivery platforms. In a few weeks we delivered a cohesive, end-to-end responsive design for Zoku’s web development team.

Differentiating menu items

Zoku offers over 15 different types of nigiri, sushi and sashimi. There was an opportunity to highlight these differences in a way that felt novel and helped customers navigate options easily. Rather than plate a whole tray of sushi, or seeing the same 6 items in a roll, we decided to focus on just one unit.

Freshness was a core brand value — the fish was delivered each day, from various fresh-water ports from around the world. We captured this with a split flap display akin to old airport and train station terminals.

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