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Selling apparel built for the great indoors

UX Design
Package Design
Shopify Development

The founders of Jambys came to Forge with a crazy concept — what if we sold boxers with pockets? After trying on our first pair, we were sold.

We worked with Jambys to bring their first product to market, crafting a playful, slightly irreverent, and charming brand that makes lounging and hanging on the couch an ideal to aspire to.

We worked with Jambys on their initial launch, crafting their brand, visual identity, and online store and have remained a partner to them as they continue to build clothing for The Great Indoors.

We custom-built an instagram story to tell the product-narrative of jambys. The story proved to be an innovative and effective product-funnel for new visitors.

From the beginning, Forge took time to understand our goals, clarify our thinking, and collaborate super painlessly. Forge felt more like an in-house team than an agency — I always felt like we were on the same page. They pointed us in the right direction for our business, where plenty of other agencies will point you in the right direction for their business. Forge took time to understand our vision and I leaned on their previous experience running startups when trying to make decisions. Hiring them was the best decision we’ve made.

Andrew Goble

Co-Founder Jambys

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