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Building a digital bank for the next-generation of startups

UI/UX Design
User Testing
Mobile App Development
Web Development

A new kind of bank

Grasshopper Bank is the first, digital bank to be created for startups in the US. With over $100m in funding, Grasshopper wanted a team to craft a seamless digital banking experience tailored to the needs of startups. In a close collaboration over the course of a year, we designed and developed their banking apps across mobile and web.

How to simplify the banking experience?

Banking interfaces are rarely designed with the user in mind. We surveyed numerous digital banking experiences and interviewed customers to understand pain points and challenges with existing banking software.

Planning for the future

A novel feature we designed for Grasshopper was a forecasting tool that would calculate projected revenue and spend. This tool allows a business owner to toggle income and expense variables to see how it impacts their future.

Grasshopper ain't your grandma’s bank

Enabling fast iteration with React Native

We architected Grasshopper’s web and mobile apps using a single react/redux codebase, which enabled iOS, Android, and web apps from a single, extensible codebase.

Working with Forge was really outstanding. They did high quality work from initial user research to experience design and build out. The final product is functional, beautiful, and one of the best interfaces for a bank I’ve come across.

Minerva Tantoco

CTO Grasshopper Bank

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