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Launching a new brand that makes personalized, astrology-inspired gifts.

UX Design
Shopify Development
Backend Development

Ajay Mehta approached us in 2019 with an idea to sell personalized candles for every day of the year. Guided by astrology, numerology and tarot, these candles would make the perfect birthday gift.

We worked with Birthdate Co. over a span of six months to develop and launch their initial product and brand, Birthdate Candles. A year later we helped launch their second product, The Birthdate Book. We designed and architected a unique e-commerce experience that supports a fully customized buying journey.

In a little over a year Birthdate Co. has become one of the fastest growing direct-to-consumer brands.

Birthdate Candles is one of the best gifts of 2020 and the perfect product

Developing a rich experience to showcase the book

We crafted a custom UX for visitors to explore the details of the Birthdate Book.

They combine a strong business/entrepreneurial sense with deep analytical, design, and development know-how in a way that few others can.

They understand the trade offs between speed and quality that entrepreneurs intuitively get - delivering a very high-quality finished product, but also focus on shipping quickly.



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